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Donovan discusses the transcript of Devon Archer before the COMMITTEE ON OVERSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY where the Republicans continue to perpetrate an actual "witch hunt" to find ANY evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden (at the time Vice-President of the United States) and his son, Hunter Biden, and Hunter's dealings with Burisma.  After reading the 141-page transcript of the interview, Donovan is pretty much convinced that the only guilty part is Hunter Biden, who is guilty of attempting to use his name, his connections in D.C. and his father's position as clout.  Joe, in Donovan's opinion, didn't break any laws, didn't do anything unethical, and was simply a loving father having phone conversations with his son, Hunter, especially after Beau Biden died in 2015.

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The Interview of Devon Archer Transcipt (PDF)


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There's No There, There
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