Debunking Joe Rogan: Was America Better Off Under Trump?

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On this episode of the Donovan Adkisson Show, host Donovan Adkisson discusses Joe Rogan's recent statement that the country was better off under President Trump. Donovan expresses his disagreement with this view and delves into several key points, including unemployment rates, economic policies, and the stock market under both Trump and Biden. He critiques Rogan for making such a statement, given that Rogan's personal wealth likely hasn't been significantly impacted by either president's policies. Donovan also touches on the challenges both Trump and Biden faced upon assuming office and emphasizes that economic trends are influenced by various factors beyond the control of any single president. He wraps up by questioning the sincerity of Rogan's opinion and encourages listeners to share their thoughts on the matter.


'The Country Was Thriving': Joe Rogan Says That 'More Things Were Getting Done' When Donald Trump Was President — Unemployment Was Down, Regulations Relaxed. Is He Right? (

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Debunking Joe Rogan: Was America Better Off Under Trump?
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